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Yep, another tag, because this seems like fun, so why not?

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The first book series I read because I wanted to was the Twilight saga. Before that, I hated reading and books in general, because they were forced on me. My mom was quite happy and gave in easily when I asked her to get the first book for me.


Shame on me, I haven’t read classics. No, not even Harry Potter. I plan on reading some soon, though.


Maybe the Mortal Instruments series. I was a big fan of this series, but then the TV show aired and yeah…

I do love the TV show, don’t get me wrong. A lot of people seem to hate it but I think it’s pretty decent.


I don’t have an answer for this, at least not now.


When I bought City of Heavenly Fire, I was so intimidated by it that I left it on my bookshelf for almost 4 months. I did read it in the end, tho.


A Court of Thorns and Roses! I did not finish it really fast, but I remember being up at 1 am, still reading. My light went out at some point and I used my phone’s flashlight.


My two main OTPs are Feysand (ACOTAR/ACOMAF) and MADNESS (The Mara Dyer trilogy). I have some more, like Bluesey (The Raven Cycle), Chaolaena (Throne of Glass) and Kestrin (The Winner’s trilogy).


I have to go with two books: Shatter Me, which I read in less than 24 hours, and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Both kept me on the edge and I loved them!


I see a lot of people already got tired of getting more and more books in the Shadowhunters chronicles, but for me, they are a delight! More please!


Ruined by Amy Tintera! I didn’t expect that book to be so good. I saw a lot of people being disappointed by it on Goodreads, so when I bought it I thought I made a mistake (since I got in the US hardcover and it was expensive af). But I really enjoyed it in the end.


I am super excited to continue on with the Red Queen series and the Red Rising trilogy. Both are amazing and well written!


I kinda want the 10th anniversary edition of The Book Thief.


I can’t wait to start reading Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh! I read the first page when I got it and the writing style is already so unique to me.

Also I want to read The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee. I heard it is something Gossip Girl fans would enjoy a lot!


I will always, ALWAYS, buy anything Sarah J. Maas writes. And also Michelle Hodkin and Cassandra Clare, maybe Maggie Stiefvater, too.


I haven’t read A Song of Ice and Fire yet, even though I am a big fan of the show, but I am still waiting for Winds of Winter. And knowing GRRM, this book will be huge, so I’ll have to wait even more for it to be translated into Romanian. Sure, I could buy it in English anytime, but you get my point.

What is your favourite Pokémon? Mine is Eevee, she is just so cute!